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Like any other organization , the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry has its humble beginning in the ports of Cebu way back in the early 19th century. It started only as a group of businessmen engaged in trading in the said port.
The group was formally organized into the Chamber of Commerce in 1921 and operated as a formal organization with its own set of officers led by Kenneth Day an American National . Even at its dawning the Chamber was already envisioned to promote the civic and commercial welfare of Cebu. In, 1931, the Chamber was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission obtaining legal personality
After the second world war, the Chamber functioned more as a civic organization focusing more on social activities of members. However, more and more investors both foreign and local came to seek the Chamber’s advice and assessment regarding the business climate of Cebu. The Chamber then has to give briefing on the economic situation of Cebu and provide direction to would- be investors and assist them in looking for business partners. During this period the Chamber has meager resources merely relying on two administrative staff to man its office. Its operations was financed from dues collected from relatively small membership base.
In the 1960s during the onset of the international trade, the Chamber bolstered its trade promotion efforts by linking its members to potential buyers abroad through business matchings and trade missions. This was greatly facilitated through the publication of it’s business bulletin. The bulletin was considered the breakthrough in import and export business because it allowed businessmen who were looking for investment opportunities abroad make easy contacts with foreign businessmen.
The martial law years were trying moments for the Chamber but it did not frustrate the Chamber from strengthening its advocacy program as it continued to comment on issues and answer the need of its members. The inhibitions of the martial law made the Chamber extra vigilant in order to uphold the rights of the members. Regular membership meeting s began. The Chamber held dialogues and consultations with the government on a regular basis to ease out issues that concerns the business sector. The Chamber earned the respect and admiration of the government leaders as it was regularly consulted on matters affecting business.
The eighties was considered as flourishing years. It was indeed a decade of change as the Chamber inked an agreement for the implementation of the Philippine German Chamber Cooperation Program (PGPC) from 1986 to 1993.Operation strengthened with the employment of more than 20 professional staff taking charge of various concerns of the membership.
The Chamber’s rapid growth could primarily be attributed to the year Philippine German Chamber Cooperation Program (PGCCP) that begun in 1986 and expired in 1993. From 1994 to 1996, a Regional Chamber Development Program was also implemented to transfer the know how in institution building to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Iloilo , Negros Oriental, Bohol and Leyte. CCI then was tasked to steer and manage the RCDP in partnership with the Chamber of small Craft and Trade of Kassel, Germany . Currently, official negotiations are being worked out for another German funded project in the near future.
After so many years of anxious waiting, the whole Cebuano community witnessed the rise of the newest landmark in the business community witnessed the rise of the newest landmark in the business community. The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Center located at the corner of 11th and 13th Avenues, North Reclamation Area , Cebu City stands at 44.28 ft., and a total rentable floor area of 1,708.08 s.q.m. The brand new building was inaugurated last August 16, 1996. The CCCI business action center is occupying the second floor while the whole ground floor is being rented by multi-national Lucent Technology . The mezzanine floor is occupied by Far East Bank and Trust Company (FEBTC) The building has ample parking area which could accommodate 40 vehicles at one time.
The year 1997 was not easy year for the Chamber in Cebu since much of the internal and external expectations were now put on its shoulder for executions. The Chamber did not show any hesitation and accepted all the challenges and bid to host the prestigious Philippine Business Conference (PBC) even when the time for preparation was not convenient. During the conference, CCI was elevated to the Hall of Fame for successfully bagging the " Most Outstanding Chamber of the Philippine Award by PCCI for two consecutive years. 
Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry,CCCI Center, Cor. 11th & 13th Ave.,North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000  
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